Conference Call

The International Ragweed Sociaty holds its 10th coference in Budapest on September 8-9, 2022.

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the International Ragweed Society (IRS), led by Michel Thibaudon, we are pleased to announce that

the next IRS CONFERENCE will take place in Budapest on

8-9 September 2022.


The title of the Conference:


Tackling Ragweed: a multidisciplinary and international approach”


For more information, please read the attachment „CALL FOR ABSTRACTS IRS 2022”.

Please make sure to save the date on your agenda and kindly forward this message to anyone in your network who you feel might be interested in attending.

You will receive all important information concerning registration, formatting of abstracts, booking, fees, etc. in the attached files.

We hope that you consider submitting an abstract and attending the conference.


Please visit the web site of the conference ( and submit your abstract.


You can present either a poster or an oral presentation.


Call for abstracts can be found HERE.

Detailed conference information can be found HERE.

For detailed instructions on preparing registration details („RegistrationForm.doc”) and abstracts („SampleAbstract.doc”), files are attached together with the detailed circular („IRS RAGWEED CIRCULAR5 2022”).


Looking forward to meeting you in Hungary.

Best regards, Laszlo Makra