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kar_kep1The University of Szeged, Faculty of Agriculture is an agricultural higher educational institution in Hódmezővásárhely providing beneficial possibilities for the students opting for studying here.


The agricultural education in Hódmezővásárhely has a past of more than a hundred years. In 1986 the Magyar Királyi Földműves Iskola (Hungarian Royal Tiller School, basic level) was founded on the territory of the present Tangazdaság Kft. (Pilot Farm Ltd.), to which belonged a pilot farm on an area of 120 kh-s (120 x 5755 m2). It was located on the farm No. 1230 near Kutasi Road (today Road 47). Both theoretical and practical subjects were taught with special care in this Tiller School.

The practical training was organised as follows:

Students, under the constant supervision of their trainers, did the farm jobs in groups. They were ploughing, sowing with hand and by machines, hoeing with hand-held and horse-pulled devices and worked at the harvesters as ordinary farm-hands did. The garden work, tree planting, tree care, sowing, planting, etc, was carried out under the supervision of the gardener. In the stables and sheds they regularly looked after the animals their duties including feeding, milking and other jobs. At the beginning of the work their tasks were explained for them, while it was also taken care of they did not force themselves so that their health would not be impaired. The Tiller School dealt with breeding horses, cattle, pigs as well as poultry breeding and beekeeping. The organisational structure, the function and the area of ​​the institution did not change significantly between 1896 and 1948.


The basic level Tiller School functioned until 1948, when it was transformed into a training-course school to train agricultural group leaders and supervisors for co-operatives within a 5-month term. In the 1950’s the institution became under the control of the local Agricultural Technical School. The teachers of the Technical School went out to the Pilot Farm to hold lectures, presentations and seminars. The opening ceremony of the academic year at the Agricultural Technical School was held on 1st October 1950. This institution was the predecessor of the Higher Educational Agricultural Technical School established on 1st February 1961, which functioned as the Food Industry College of Szeged, Faculty of Animal Husbandry from 1st August 1972. Until 1976 the Faculty was specialised in animal husbandry, animal nutrition and wildlife management. Animal health engineer education started in 1979, when the institution turned to be the University of Veterinary Sciences, College of Animal Health. Later the College functioned as the University of Debrecen, College of Animal Husbandry.


After the regime change the demand of the transforming agricultural sector brought about the reform of the practical training and of the Pilot Farm. The main objective of the curriculum is the practice-oriented education: "To train experts who are able to plan, control and economically operate work at agricultural companies, enterprises and processing units." As a result of the integration process in Hungarian higher education the institution has been functioning as a Faculty of the University of Szeged since the 1st January 2000.