2023. February 2., Thursday


Out international students had the chance to try excellent cheeses and half-made cottage cheese at the Boope Kft. where Mr. Sándor Kiss, CEO, and Dr. József Horváth, Dean, guided the students of third year into the depth of the logistics system of small scale milk production in the frame of Logistics.

Six of our international students participated in the international, so-called "The initiation and development of an innovative business in the field of social entrepreneurship" competition...

Opening dance, dinner, “Stork-oath”, playful game, raffle and having fun until dawn.

This year was the second one to have dancers out of the international students.

Our students gained insight into the possibilities of rural development through the example of a rural farm.

Our students got the possibility to gain insight into crop forcing and to participate in a professional day devoted to the current questions of technology and organization in Szentes.

We celebrated our second international banquet with a great success on 10/10/2018. Our very colourful, international students were really active and made very delicious meals to represent their own gastronomy.

We always try to organize events and courses where the Hungarian and the International students can have fun together. This sport day was one of them. Our students can try themselves in different games and sports and in the end, they could experience Hungarian culinary joy as well.

9th May 2018, University of Szeged Faculty of Agriculture

On the conference Hungarian and foreign students and professionals demonstrate the variegation of arable and horticultural crop production from variety evaluation to biotechnology, from Brazil to Belgium. University of Szeged Faculty of Agriculture, 8th May 2015

Logisztika Napja 2015. április 16.

A Szegedi Tudományegyetem (SZTE) Mezőgazdasági Kara Állami Vadászvizsgát megelőző tanfolyamot indít

Az SZTE Mezőgazdasági Kar és a Magyar Juh- és Kecsketenyésztő Szövetség

2015. április 26-án a XXXI. Szent György-napi Juhásztalálkozó alkalmával ismét rendez FŐZŐVERSENYT.