2022. August 17., Wednesday


Join the Members of the EUGLOH Student Board!

Do you want to be part of an exceptional and unique project which connects five European universities? Do you want to use and improve your English skills and try new opportunities? Then the EUGLOH Student Board membership is probably made just for you!

What exactly is EUGLOH about?

What is EUGLOH exactly about?

It connects five European universities in order to reach their common goal in which you can help too!

We are looking for you if you:

  • are good at working in a team
  • are helpful
  • have a few hours per month
  • are at least have a B2 level English knowledge

You are looking for us if you:

  • want to be a part of a team where you can freely express your ideas
  • want to join to motivated and helpful team
  • want to collect international experience

We hope that you will become a committed member of our team!


What you should do to apply?

Send a 10-15 line long introduction letter about you until 31st of October 2020 to eugloh.sb.szeged@gmail.com


Do you wish to find out more about EUGLOH? Visit our website and follow us on Facebook.


Do not miss out, apply today!