2022. August 17., Wednesday


100 Years Ago SZTE Made Szeged a University City

The University of Szeged made Szeged a university city 100 years ago on the 9th of October.

The University of Szeged traces back its origins to 440 years. Its predecessor institution was founded on 12 May 1581 in Cluj-Napoca. The institution was exiled by the Romanian authorities at the end of World War I and found shelter in Szeged in 1921.

The Opening Ceremony of the very first academic year at the University of Szeged was held on the 9th of October, 1921. To celebrate this great event of Szeged becoming a University town, Miklós Horthy, the Regent of Hungary was invited to the ceremony. He came by a private train that consisted of six saloon cars. The event was held at the main building, the „heart” of the University of Szeged at Dugonics square (today the Rector’s office).

During the ceremony the very first Rector of the institution, Gáspár Menyhárt proudly announced that "One of the strong pillars of our nation's future has been saved by those who have saved this university”.

He added, that "When our university had to taste the bitter bread of exile, the city of Szeged was the first to open its arms to embrace this university deprived of its home, and was ready to make a great sacrifice to satisfy the needs of the guest.”

Article written by: Ilona Újszászi

Translated by: Rita Csúri-Magosi

Photos: SZTE Klebelsberg Library, Somogyi-Library